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To determine how much you will need, use the below formulas:
To determine how much stone or gravel you need:
LxW / 9X (inches) / 2000
1" = 110. 2" = 220, 3" = 33, etc.
To determine how much mulch you need at standard 3: depth:
LxW / 100 = yards needed
To determine how much topsoil, fill, or sand you need:
(lxW) x H (in inches) / 12 = cubic feet
27 Cubic feed = 1 cubic yard
To determine how much compost you need:
Top dress 1 1/2 cu. yds. per 100o sq.ft.
Tilling 3 cu. yds per 1000 sq. ft.
Directions on how to top dress or install a lawn are available upon request.
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